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Moses Lunham

Moses is from the Anishinabek (Ojibway/Chippewa) Nation in Kettle and Stony Point, Ipperwash, Ontario

"I am Ojibway from Kettle and Stony Point First Nation and am the youngest of two sisters and three brothers. My family is of the "Fish" clan and many of us have natural creativity "gifts." Being the youngest in my family, perhaps made me a bit of a rebel. I guess you could say I chose to follow my own path when recreating the stories of my childhood. Much of my art comes from images instilled in me while attending pow-wows with my family. Pow wows are very much a part of an Anishinaabeg’ way of life. It is how we as a people remember and celebrate our culture and reconnect with our spiritual understanding of creation and our place in it. Each pow-wow filled me with a greater sense of who I was; of my place in the circle of life. As a people we learn in a natural way. We are forever awed by the mysteries of creation. This is the essence of our worship and the spirit of my art." - Moses Lunham


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